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About Us

Parkville Institute brings together highly qualified, experienced, and committed experts working to achieve a shared vision to improve the life trajectories of young children living with significant social disadvantage and family stress.

Board of Directors

Jane Hunt, Non-executive Director
Jane Hunt
Non-executive Director
Associate Professor Brigid Jordan AM, Executive Director
Associate Professor Brigid Jordan AM
Executive Director
Dr Anne Kennedy, Interim Chair
Dr Anne Kennedy
Interim Chair
Emma Sydenham, Non-executive Director
Emma Sydenham
Non-executive Director

Parkville Institute Team

Casey Hazlett, General Manager
Casey Hazlett
General Manager
Nichola Coombs, Senior Advisor (Infant Mental Health)
Nichola Coombs
Senior Advisor (Infant Mental Health)
Madeleine Saffigna, Senior Advisor (Curriculum & Pedagogy)
Madeleine Saffigna
Senior Advisor (Curriculum & Pedagogy)
Liz Dullard
Senior Advisor (Curriculum & Pedagogy)